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Published: 28/04/2022

The Best Jewellery from the Met Gala

What is known as fashions biggest night out is almost upon us! 

Not only is the fashion to die for, the A-listers jewellery does not disappoint!

The theme for this years Met Gala is In America: An Anthology of Fashion. Which celebrates American fashion and is the second of the two-part series from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - the first, called In American: A Lexicon of Fashion, held in September 2021. This years dress code is Gilded Glamour, taking inspiration from the time period 1870 to 1890 - The Gilded Age in New York.

Let's take a look at some previous gala fashion, focusing on the amazing jewels that have graced those ever so famous steps!


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Published: 01/04/2022

April Birthstone Diamond

 Our all-time favourite gemstone, diamonds are April’s birthstone for those lucky enough to have an April birthday.

Formed deep under the Earth’s crust billions of years ago, diamonds are amongst the world’s most sought after treasure. We’ve adored and adorned diamonds for centuries, believing they’re the ultimate gift and symbol of eternal love. The Ancient Romans believed Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds; this connection is possibly the earliest association people made between diamonds and romantic love!

The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning invincible or indestructible. Due to the fact only a diamond can cut another diamond, the name seems very fitting.

A diamond is already ‘rather old’ and we do many pre-owned pieces of diamond jewellery, giving you amazing value for money. All our secondhand jewellery is cleaned and polished and we aim to make it look like new. Click here to browse our diamond collection!

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Published: 28/03/2022

Iconic Tiffany & Co. Moments

Since we have the iconic silver Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Necklet new in stock at Segal's, we thought we would recap our favourite and most iconic Tiffany & Co. moments.

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