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Mat - Partner

'The Boss Man'

Mat has worked at Segal’s most of his working life. Mat knows all there is to know about diamonds, having studied in Antwerp. His love for jewellery shows through the pride he has in the shop; every item of jewellery should be displayed perfectly. Initially Segal’s only sold Antique and Secondhand items and Mat introduced new items to the business, such as wedding rings, engagement rings and diamond jewellery.

Understanding the markets is one of Mat’s strengths, especially when it comes to buying in gold, coins, diamonds, and watches, and he always ensures that the customer gets the best deal possible. It is Mat's attention to customer service that makes Segal’s Jewellers stand out from the others as he believes in good old-fashioned values.

Mat can be found in the shop most days either helping customers, or advising customers on repairs or bespoke items. Customers even pop in just to have a chat, asking if the Boss Man is in!

In his spare time, Mat loves sailing, and when he can't be on the water, he takes to running for fun and he loves caravanning. Mat is married to Jane and has two children, Mia and Jakob. Jakob of which has been working in the business 4 years now.

Jo - Partner

Jo has worked in Segal’s for 25 years. Starting her working life in the computer industry as a software trainer, she joined the jewellery business after her first child and now works between both the Grimsby and Hull stores. Jo is the one on the end of your emails, she looks after the website orders and loves nothing better than chatting to customers online.

Known as the mummy of the business, she looks after all the staff and makes sure that all the shops run smoothly with the right number of staff, and ensures the stock is kept refreshed and in order.

One of her favourite jobs is creating the website product descriptions and she can get quite flowery! When she’s not sat behind the screen talking to customers on-line, her job is to sort through the secondhand buys and she's the one who decides which items to keep and which items to scrap.  Occasionally she is allowed on the shop floors where she is in her element talking and selling to customers.

Married to Martin, they have three children, two of which are now in the business.

In her spare time, she loves walking the family dog, going to the gym, and of course socialising with friends - especially with her old Netball team!


Shirley Segal - Partner

Our glamorous Grandma

Our glamorous Grandma.

Shirley has been involved in the business since 1994, using her vast experience in running various companies through her life to make Segal's Jewellers what it is today.  Shirley was married to Maurice who sadly passed away in 2011.  Mum to Jo and Mat, and Grandma to five grandchildren, three of which are in the family business now.

Shirley loves to travel, plays bridge (taking it very seriously), going out with friends and she will always have a puzzle book to hand just in case she gets bored! She brings light and laughter to everyone she meets.



Our Gem and Diamond Geek

Becki joined our team in 2002, working in our Grimsby store before moving to the Hull store in 2007. Becki is a jack of all trades and a master of all-too; she is known as our fountain of knowledge. Her love for learning has given her the passion to go on many courses and learn as much as she can about the jewellery world resulting in her becoming a fully qualified gemmologist. She is our gem and diamond geek and can often be found with her head in books or looking through her microscope. In everything she does, Becki shines! From sales, to valuations, to grading diamonds and working on gemstones, Becki is a valuable part of our Segal’s family.

In her spare time she does her part for the community by looking after the food bank and she loves going to the gym.


Our DIY Guru

Jane has worked at Segals for over 19 years, and she has spent most of her working life in retail. Jane has a very practical outlook; if something doesn't work she will find an answer. When it comes to either customer repairs or anything DIY, Jane will find a way. Jane has extensive retail knowledge and is very well thought of by our customers, always going above and beyond to help. She has also completed a diamond grading and gemstone course, which of course in our enviroment is extremely helpful!

Jane is married to Mat (The Boss Man), and on most days you will find both Jane and Mat working together in the shop, which often provides a ‘humourous’ insight into the term ‘family business’.

In her spare time she loves to do yoga.


Bookkeeper and Money Man

Martin has been with us since 2010 after 25 years as a computer software developer and analyst. Married to Jo (lucky man), he looks after all the paperwork and payroll. He is very organised and makes sure that all suppliers are paid on time.  

He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the technical and financial side of the business.

He looks after the HR, insurance and accounting aspects of keeping a company like ours running.

In his spare time Martin loves cooking (well that's what Jo likes to think) and loves nothing better than watching a good rugby match or football, cricket, tennis - in fact any sport on TV!



Our Marketing Miss and The Hand Model

Libby began her Segal’s journey in 2015, working part time in our old gift shop. She now works full time in our Hull store supporting her Mum, Jo and her Uncle Mat, in every way she can. You may also see her face in our Grimsby store a couple of times a week.

Libby has used her marketing degree to revamp and reignite our social medias, taking the stunning pictures showing off all of our unique and wonderful jewellery. 

Libby goes above and beyond for each of our customers, ensuring every customer finds what they are looking for – she believes there is a special piece for everyone. She is experienced in all areas of the shop, working on the shop floor, dealing with our repairs, taking pictures for the website & taking charge of our social media.

In her spare time she loves going on walks with her dog and spending time with friends.



The Watch and Coin Guy - Hull Store

Ben has been a part of our team since 2016 and in that time he has found his passion to be within the luxury watch market. Ben started as our Saturday boy and now works full time in our Hull store - also going over to help in our Grimsby store once a week.

Ben is a natural salesman; his enthusiasm alone will make any purchase an experience to remember, and he takes pride in creating relationships with his customers. He loves to look into the history of the jewellery that we sell, especially coins and watches. On occasions Ben has been known as the Master Polisher, so you can often find him in his overalls, putting the shine back into items. Ben is always happy to help and loves designing jewellery from initial design concepts through to casting, setting and polishing. 

Ben loves a round of golf, however he has found a new love of his life, becoming a Dad this year the golf clubs have had to take a back seat.   


Repairs & Sales - Hull Store

Since joining our team in December 2019, Jakob (Mat and Janes son) has learnt so much about the industry. Jake has always taken an interest in the family business, from working on Saturdays whilst doing his A-Levels and now working full time in the Hull store. Turning up with a coffee in hand, Jakob always arrives raring to go and dressed looking the part. Whether it comes to repairs, or finding the perfect item of jewellery, Jakob is always happy to help. He is an all-rounder with a will to learn, with a keen interest in watches, bullion and diamonds. 

In his spare time, he loves to go to the gym or snowboard. He has also found a love of photography - using his passion to start a business with friends. He also likes socialising with his friends and taking care of his car.


Sales - Hull Store

Clare joined our Hull sales team in 2022. Since her first day, Clare has made a lovely impression on staff and customers alike. She is cool, calm and collected; willing to take on any task that is thrown her way. Clare has had previous experience in the jewellery industry, however, she is eager to build upon that existing knowledge and learn something new everyday. 

In her spare time, Clare loves going on lavish holidays, but if she's not abroad, she'll be with her adorable pug called Paisley!


Sales - Hull Store

Since joining our team in early 2022, Kirsten has flourished.  She loves to learn and is always asking questions so she understands all the details.  She is willing to do any job and takes everything in her stride, learning as much as she can on the way! Kirsten has fitted in with the rest of the team really well and is a lovely addition to the workplace.

In her spare time she loves to socialise with her friends and walking her adorable bundle of fluff, Freddie.


Junior Sales - Hull

Ethan joined us in April 2023.  His dapper appearance and his attention detail has made Ethan fit in very well amongest the Segal's team.  Hoping to go into theatre or even voice overs he needed a job that he could also study alongside.  Working part time he is flourishing in our industry.  Never having worked in retail he has taken it all in his stride and meeting and greeting customers, listening and understanding their needs is coming into his own. 

When not working or studying Ethan loves going on long walks, video editing, building computers and studying psychology.


Sales - Hull Store

Joining the team in the begining of 2022,  she combines studying her masters at Hull University and working at Segal's. Since joining, she has been like a sponge, eager to soak up as much knowledge as she can about the industry! 

In her spare time, if she isn't working on her assignments, she loves spending time with her friends. 


Junior Sales - Hull

Ella joined us in March 2023.  She beat all the other candidates with her persistent wonderful emails selling herself to us and the reasons she would be great for our business and she certainly hasn't disappointed.  She is calm and composed and quickly picks up information and is great with our customers. 

Ella is heading to Sixth form and studying, German, IT, History and Core Maths. 

In her spare time she love reading, watching horror films and has just joined a gym.

Eloise - Sales Hull & Grimsby

Fondly known as Flossy

Eloise has worked for us on and off for us over 7 years. She came to help one stock take when she was 13 years old and is still here. Flossy has a wonderful way with customers, her patience and understanding for the requirements is admirable. Her thirst for the knowledge of our industry certainly comes from her mum (Becki) and she loves to take the time to appreciate how something works and learns from the best.

In her spare time she loves to socialise, watch TV and sleep. 


Laura - Manager - Grimsby Store

Lady With The Bow

Laura is the face of our Grimsby store, the lady in the bow! She always has a happy demeanor, keeping spirits high. She is a great team leader and helps keep everyone organised. Laura has been with our team since 2013 and she has had a smile on her face ever since! She puts her all into her work and manages the online Twitter and Facebook accounts for the Grimsby store.

In her spare time, Laura loves socialising and spending time with her family, even taking the micky out of her husband Steve!


Sales & Marketing - Grimsby Store

Katie has been with our team since 2018. She is a bubbly addition to our Grimsby store, with her lovely personality creating smiles all round! Being a Jack of all trades, Katie has become an integral part of the team. She is the face behind our online competitions and usually deals with some of the marketing aspects.

In her spare time, Katie loves keeping up with fitness, beauty and skincare. She is a very glamorous addition to Segal's.


Sales - Grimsby Store

Since joining our team in 2020, Hayley has shown she has excellent customer service skills. She is like a sponge, eager to soak up as much knowledge as she possibly can and learning as much about the industry as possible. Hayley is keen to do any job, and she is always happy to help. She is very technical and has fitted into the Segal's team very well.

In her spare time Hayley loves upcycling and crafting!


Sales - Grimsby Store

Since joining us in 2008, Michelle has been a lovely addition to our Segal's team. Not only is she extremely kind, she is also beautiful and glamorous. Working every Sunday in our Grimsby store, Michelle helps keep the shop clean and tidy. She is extremely charasmatic and brings passion and enthusiasm to the store every week.

We are so proud of her amazing and wonderful weight loss journey; she is half the woman she was when she first joined us! In her spare time she loves looking after her grandchildren.


Sales - Grimsby Store

Sarah first joined our team in 2003 when she was 15 (not to give her age away!). She currently works in our Grimsby store every Sunday alongside completing her Masters Degree. She is extremely dependable and always keeps everyone laughing. Sarah is another one of our cleaning queens and you can certainly count on her to create a beautiful display!

When she's not at Segal's, Sarah teaches at the local University whilst also studying her MA in Psychology. She loves watching wrestling and adores her two children.


Junior Sales - Grimsby

Harry has just joined our expanding team in our new Grimsby store and will be studing at Grimsby College.  He is even looking at studying the jewellery course they offer.  His love of jewellery started at the young age of 9 years old. 

He was a regular visitor to our old shop and his enthusiam shone and when we asked him to model for our instagram account,  Harry jumped at the chance. 

Since joining us in August 2023 he is keen to learn all aspects of the job, especially learning about gemstones.  He loves meeting all our customers and they love meeting him.

In his spare time Harry loves keeping fit and playing American football.


Junior Sales - Grimsby

Since joining our team in October 2022, Gracie has proved to be our cleaning fairy and loves keeping everything tidy.  She always looks glamorous and has fitted into the Segal's team very well.  Her love of jewellery has grown since joining us and loves to model for our instagram account.  She has a talent for taking our jewellery photos and is keen to learn.

In her spare time Gracie loves nothing better than spending time with her friends and family and walking her Springer Spaniel Ivy.

Paula - Manager - Silver Shop

Our Very Own Polly Pocket

Paula is our small but mighty polly pocket! Since joining our team in 2017, Paula has gone above and beyond to ensure each and evey customer gets the best piece of jewellery possible. Alongside being our sales queen, Paula also deals with Segal's Silver marketing. She always dresses to impress, and is a colourful and enthusiastic addition to our team.

In her spare time, Paula loves a pint (or two!) of lager and black. 


Silver Shop - Hull

Wendy is like a part of our Segal's furniture! Since starting in 1989, she has been with us through many Segal's changes. She is one of the original gift shop ladies - who now works in our Silver Shop. Wendy is a great saleswoman, with a brilliant sense of humour. She also helps keep everything neat, tidy and organised. She is a brilliant addition to our team.

Wendy is the original crazy cat lady! She loves her cats as well as a cheeky boogie. In her spare time she can be found socialising with her friends and collegues. 


Sales - Hull Store and Silver Shop our Disney Princess

Louise has been with our team since 2002 - starting when she was only 14! Working in both our Hull stores, we have watched her grow from a timid young girl into a beautiful and confident young lady. Louise is our cleaning queen! She loves to keep everything organised and make sure all the displays stay neat and tidy.

Louise is our very own Disney princess. She loves all things Disney and she even has a dog that's named after Casper the friendly ghost! In her spare time she loves spending time with her new baby niece.


Silver Shop - Hull

Since joining us in 1996, Jill has become another part of our Segal's furniture! Jill's passion is for silver; she loves nothing more than recieving an old piece of silver and learning about its history. She is one of the lovliest ladies who also has a brilliant sense of humour.

In her spare time, Jill loves to bake. She often sends us pictures of her latest bakes and her flapjack is to die for! She also adores her grandchildren. 


Sales - Hull Store (Currently Travelling the World)

Since joining our team in 2020, Dan has made a great impression with our customers as he is happy to do any job, and does so with a smile on his face. If he's not helping customers find the perfect item, he can be found taking photos of our stock to update the website. Being Jo's son, Dan has always had an interest in the family business. Since joining us, Dan has made a lovely impact in the workplace - bringing a smile to everyone’s face with his quick wit.

He and Ceilani make a great team.

In his spare time, Dan can be found playing football - when his knees allow him too!


Sales - Hull Store (Currently Travelling the World)

Ceilani has been with us since we moved to our fabulous new premises, in December of 2019, bringing a dazzling smile every day. She has made her mark on Segal’s since she began; organising her workday and everyone around her – with taking pictures for the website, rearranging the window, and finding beautiful items to showcase across our social media sites.

Ceilani has an eye for what’s trending and is always excited to help customers find what they are looking for. She has taken on a lot of responsibility since working for Segal’s, wanting to further her knowledge every chance she can.

In her spare time she loves nothing better than taking her two dogs on extremely long walks.

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