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Published: 05/12/2017

A Sparkling Christmas Gift for her

We here at Segal's Jewellers believe you should leave a little sparkle wherever you go. 

What to buy for your better half for Christmas - diamonds? We've all heard that 'A Diamond really is a Girls Best Friend' and we think that is certainly true. 

We don't believe that all diamonds need to cost you a fortune and here at Segal's we have a diamond to suit every pocket.

Whether is be a new ring (even THE ring) or diamond earrings, bracelet or pendant we have something that she will love and you will love our prices.

Brouse through our website for gorgeous pieces of jewellery - and when you find it - order online and we will ship it too you - beautifully gift wrapped 

'Be like a diamond - precious and rare not like a stone that is found everywhere' 









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Published: 05/12/2017

Charlie Bears

The Charlie Bears name was established in November 2005, it was founded by husband and wife team Charlotte and William Morris who started off in North Yorkshire before moving down to Cornwall.

Their Aim:

To continually produce collections of affordable teddies, designed by artists from around the world - and that is exactly what they have been doing since they launched their very first collection in February 2006.

The Charlie Bear Trademark:

Each Charlie Bear creation has been beautifully handmade with immense attention to detail. Every bear is designed by William and Charlotte, along with a team of expert designers from across the globe, including Isabelle Lee from Korea, Heather Lyell from New Zealand and Lisa Rosenbaum from Australia.

Charlie Bear Collections:

Each year the Morris family launch four collections, two in Spring and two in Autumn. The Charlie Bears range includes plush teddies and animals, not forgetting the stunning Isabelle Collection which launches regular limited edition bears made from only the finest mohair and the softest alpaca wool.

Charlie Bears also have two of their very own houses, one right here in the UK, situated in Cornwall and the other in Victoria, Australia.

Here at Segal's Gifts we stock an extensive range of Charlie Bears from a number of different collections including the Show Specials, Bearhouse Bears and the Plush Teddy Bears as well as a number of limited edition bears. 


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The gemstone  Turquoise  has  been  highly prized since Egyptian times and its name means 'Turkish Stone' as it was imported to Europe  via Turkey. The colour of this historic gemstone ranges  from  a  greenish  blue  to  a  beautiful, striking sky blue and is one of several instances  where the name of a colour is derived from the name of a gemstone.

It is interesting to note that in order for it to be deemed Turquoise  it  has  to  be  of  the  highest quality. When Turquoise is mined it can often  have traces of chrome or iron set deep within it  and it is these elements which give the gemstone its unique colour.

As the gem is opaque, it is rarely faceted and is  usually cabochon cut or made into beads. 

Turquoise  is  said  to  have  been  mined  more  than 6000 years ago in Sinai. In Persian times  people would adorn themselves with Turquoise,  usually around the neck or on the wrist, as it was  believed the stone would prevent fatalities.

It  has  long  been  thought  to  be  a  holystone  bringing  the  wearer  good  fortune  and  a  prosperous life: even today Turquoise is thought  to  clear  the  mind  and  cheer  people  up.  Its  colourful blues denote a sense of wellbeing and  spiritual harmony.  Turquoise often gets given  as a gift to a loved one or dear friend and as  it is one of the birthstones for December, it  makes an ideal Christmas present! 



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Published: 02/11/2017

November birthstone - the Topaz

Our stone of the month is Topaz, a lustrous stone that stands as the birth stone for November.

Fun fact: there is no set colour for this gem stone. Topaz comes in a variety of shades and contrasting colours such as: yellow, brown, honey, green, pink and more commonly, cool aqua blues. The variety of shades the Topaz stone possesses makes it a really interesting stone to invest in. Plus, it makes that November birthday present for the one you love a whole lot easier to buy, because the colour isn't limited! 

It is said that the ancient Egyptians and Romans associated the Topaz stone with the sun. They believed God made the sun - a source of protecting and healing qualities and therefore associated these qualities with this unique stone. It is also believed that the Topaz stone brings luck and enchantment, making it a perfect gift for the one you love.


Shop our vast collection of Topaz pieces here, and decide for yourself which colour Topaz defines the stone for you.


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Published: 27/10/2017

October Opal's - The perfect gift

Opal's are our beautiful stone of the month; representing the birth stone for October.  The name 'Opal' derives from from the Latin “Opalus” and the Greek “Opallios”, meaning 'precious stone'. This milky, multicoloured and eyecatching stone acts as a traditional and timeless stone, worn by women and men of all ages.

One thing you probably didn't know about this stone is that the finest family of Opal contains every colour of the rainbow. This stone also represents hope and innocence, which are connotations of the pure milky white base colour the stones are usually made up of. The term 'Opal' also depicts 'changing of colour', making it a really unique stone to possess because no two are the same!

Queen Victoria’s favorite gemstone was Opal! She had sapphires, rubies and diamonds from all over the British empire but fell in love with the intoxicating colours of Opals, and we hope you do too!

Shop our Opal collection here to explore our different styles and colours of this classic stone.




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